Process status is created only

Hi all,

I just submitted the job in aiida. It says the following. Its not doing anything since.

(aiidaENV) rkarkee@ch-fe1:/lustre/scratch5/rkarkee> verdi process list
  PK  Created    Process label           ♻    Process State    Process status
----  ---------  ----------------------  ---  ---------------  ----------------
1393  15m ago    IRamanSpectraWorkChain       ⏹ Created

Total results: 1

Report: ♻ Processes marked with check-mark were not run but taken from the cache.
Report: Add the option `-P pk cached_from` to the command to display cache source.
Report: Last time an entry changed state: 14m ago (at 10:16:41 on 2024-03-11)
Report: Checking daemon load... OK
Report: Using 0% of the available daemon worker slots.

I also tried following but didnt help. What do I need to do to keep this running?

(aiidaENV) rkarkee@ch-fe1:/lustre/scratch5/rkarkee> verdi daemon stop
Profile: quicksetup
Stopping the daemon... OK
(aiidaENV) rkarkee@ch-fe1:/lustre/scratch5/rkarkee> verdi process repair
Warning: There are active processes without process task: {1393}
Warning: Inconsistencies detected between database and RabbitMQ.
Report: Attempting to fix inconsistencies
Report: Revived process `1393`
(aiidaENV) rkarkee@ch-fe1:/lustre/scratch5/rkarkee> verdi daemon start
Starting the daemon with 1 workers... OK