Making nice provenance garphs

silly question, but how do you make these nice figures?
Is it just some external post processing of all the provenance data, or is there actually some ways in the graph generate command or in the aiida api that can make it look like this?

For those graphs, gephi was used. I think the first instructions were provided years ago by Jens Bröder at Julich; then Leopold Talirz nicely collected them in a repository: GitHub - ltalirz/aiida-graph-render: How to render a complex AiiDA graph using GePhi (I think the instructions should still work, maybe they require minimal adaption). @agoscinski may I ask you to please add a link to this repository, somewhere in the page Graph Gallery — AiiDA documentation? (Let me know if you don’t yet know how to change the website)

Great, thank you! I’ll play around with this