Workflows for optical constants

Hello all,

I am trying to recreate the results of this paper: Photorealistic modelling of metals from first principles, but I am running into a spot of bother. The code supplied is setup for Aiida 0.7, which I’ve got working, but it requires a number of workflows that I can’t find anywhere. These fall under the directory aiida/workflows/users/epfl_theos, which was not included in my aiida download. However, I think they were released previously as Aiida-EPFL, but I can’t find this release anymore. Does anyone know a suitable workaround or where I could find the epfl_theos workflows?

Any help is much appreciated,


Hi @TFreeman,

Sorry for the slow response. Frankly I’m also not sure where these workflows are, this work was done before I started working on AiiDA at EPFL.

I’m asking around with some previous colleagues to see if we can figure it out. I’ll keep you posted!