AiiDA Provenance Browser

I have tried Materials Cloud to explore the AiiDA database.
The interactive provenance graph is quite narrow with being limited to one layer and 10 nodes with respect to the ‘origin’ node. Is it possible to get a broader interactive view on the provenance graph? Do I need to use other tools?

I am not aware of any other tools that currently do this, but I agree that this would be very useful. I think that the Materials Cloud team was working on this at some point to try and improve the current provenance browser, but I am not part of that team, so I am not sure what happened with that plan.

Hi @un1queu5er, yes, there is planned work on having a new nodes inspect tool implement in React. GSoC 2024 Projects · aiidateam/aiida-core Wiki · GitHub
For the moment, we don’t have it.

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