Add interaction between Materials Cloud Archive and AiiDAlab

The idea is to reproduce the current integration between MC Archive and SDSC’s RenkuLab, but with AiIDAlab.

The idea is: if a .aiida file is present, MC Archive generates an additional icon with a custom link, pointing to a RenkuLab instance. When opened, a custom template will download, import the archive and show a jupiter terminal to start using AiiDA.

We can do the same, using the new open_app, for AiiDAlab.

Things to do:

  • create an app to be opened, that just gets the link, downloads the file, imports it, and then shows some basic info/actions (e.g. statistics of what was imported + button to open a jupyter notebook)
  • Implement the generation of the link on the MC Archive side
  • Decide if we want to point to a specific AiiDAlab deployment, or we provide a multiple choice, or let the user decide.

on MC archive:

  • add new icon next to .aiida files, similar to the renkulab icon e.g. here: Materials Cloud Archive that links to a aiidalab specific page to load the .aiida archive

on the AiiDAlab side:

  • have a way to get these links, parse the URL to get back e.g. the archive URL and the filename inside that entry, and then (e.g.) create a new profile with a unique name, import the .aiida file in that profile, and then show some message to the user (e.g. some statistics + info on how to continue inspecting the DB)


I may start work on this in October.

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