A demo instance on Azure using the K8S recipes

There are only two public deployment of AiiDAlab at the moment, one on Materials Cloud for MARVEL partners and one on DigitalOcean for EU-MarketPlace project which will soon terminated (end Sept).

We had a credential on Azure for the deployment of AiiDAlab, and we want to use it to have a Demo server that doesn’t have too many restrictions for new users to login. New users should be very easy to get a taste of how AiiDAlab (especially QeApp) works in minutes. Some consideration are list below:

Have a demo instance (where we delete everything after say 12 hours, and this is clearly written) on Azure using the K8S recipes

  • Check costs
  • Ensure there is a clear hard limit on costs
  • link AAI to something where there is no risk of people mining bitcoins (SwitchAAI?)
  • Have everything needed for a demo already there, no need for the user to go and install (use a custom image to reduce startup times?) See aiidalab/qe:edge image.