How each functionality of discourse used for communication

@sphuber @yakutovicha @mbercx @danielhollas @jusong.yu had started a discussion on Slack about how to move to this discourse from Slack to channels etc.

Maybe we can list everyone’s potential use cases for using different components and we converge to the best approach. Ultimately as @yakutovicha suggested, we have a guideline page on:

“If you have … better open a new topic”
“If you have … better ask in the … channel”

I will use discourse topics for all the technical questions, discussions, and public announcements. For example:

  • Encounter some issues about the aiida-core.
  • Having a new plugin to announce to the community.

I will use personal chat to send messages to the other account the message for quick iteration such as emergency notifications specific to the target person. For example:

  • Small questions that are hard to converge to a topic, such as, “Is the new version of XXX planned to be released this month?”
  • Informal chat, such as “Get a beer after work?”.

I will use channels to send the non-technical quick event coordination to other users that involved in the same event. For example:

  • GSoC 2023, I create a channel “GSoC 2023” which will be closed after the event. Using the channel to help the student to review the PR and coordinate the meeting etc.
  • AiiDAlab, I create a channel “AiiDAlab” which will be used to quickly discuss things about PR review and meeting coordination.