Section "What is AiiDA?" is not easy to find

@Xing is working on the “Quick start” section of documentation, it is plan to go after “What is AiiDA?” section.

However, the index page is a navigator, and the link to “What is AiiDA?” is hidden in the “feature” keyword at the end of the paragraph.
I know it is a duplicate as About — AiiDA documentation, but if it is in the documentation it should be a way to be easy to be redirected.

I propose to add an additional panel “Why do you need AiiDA?” as the first panel. Not only we tell new potential user AiiDA is versatile, as intially proposed by @chrisjsewell we should also list AiiDA’s limitations to show in which case should not use AiiDA.

I fully agree that a short overview and highlight of what AiiDA is, is desperately missing. If not on the front-page itself (a shortened version already, like a teaser) we should indeed have a page that is easily findable that gives a super short and easy to digest (visual!) demo of what AiiDA does and is. This will be super tricky of course to convey the most important things without any technical details, but it will be very useful for potential new users to get a sense of what AiiDA is useful for.

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