AiiDA CLI Cheatsheet

I know there is already the AiiDA Command Line, but something that I am always told is that it would be great to have a “most useful commands”, more or less like there is in the aiida-gromacs docs, which I found funny.

But also adding e.g. verdi calcjob gotocomputer/outputcat/inputcat, which would be commonly used and beginners struggle to find.

Hi Lorenzo,
are you aware of the AiiDA cheat sheet (src here)? I found that quite useful when I was starting out, and recommend it to people, though, I just saw it’s for v1.0.0. So maybe we could update that and possibly also add a section on useful CLI commands? I fully agree that these commands are too hard to find, considering how essential they are. Cheers!

Thanks both!

Indeed, there is already the old cheat sheet, which most likely requires updating. There is an open issue for this ^^

Since we have the .svg files, should be easy to update the, e.g. in Figma (which would make collaboration easy).