New options in slurm scheduler headers

Would it be possible to add new options for building the slurm header?
I’ve identified 3 files that need to be modified to add the “exclude” and “constraint” slurm options.

Hi @fpa88 , not sure if you were already aware of this option, but the easiest is to define the SLURM headers directly in the custom_scheduler_commands metadata option. You can define it per job instance, e.g.

results, node = run.get_node(
        'options': {
            'custom_scheduler_commands': '#SLURM --constraint=...'

If the values are “static” and are not going to change often between different jobs, you can also opt to configure them in the prepend_text of the Code. Whenever you use that Code as an input for a job, the prepend_text is automatically inserted into the submission script.

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Perfect, I will do like this.

It’s working. I need to define a string in this way :
OPTIONS = AttributeDict()
OPTIONS.custom_scheduler_commands = ‘#SBATCH --constraint=Feature1\n#SBATCH --exclude=mycomputenode01’