How to change the scheduler of a computer for one job?

I have a remote computer setup with the core.slurm-scheduler. But for some jobs I want to run without slurm directly ( on the login node of the HPC system. How to do that?

I see two possible workarounds:

  • creating another computer with the direct scheduler or
  • before running / submitting the job setting the scheduler on the computer with computer.scheduler_type = "" and setting it back to core.slurm afterwards.

Is there a more elegant solution to this? Would be nice if this could be configured as a metadata option.

Hi Lars, I think you have pretty much covered all possible solutions that I see. I would personally simply create a second computer and suffix its label with -direct. You can use verdi computer duplicate to make it easy to clone it. It will work as verdi computer setup but all prompt values will be pre-filled with the existing values. So you can just press enter for all of them except for the scheduler type where you change it.

This is something I’ve also thought about in the past, I’ve added a note to the road map item that discusses making computer entities more flexible:

Note that currently setting up a second Computer with a different scheduler means that you can’t copy remote files between CalcJobs, see

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