Change the work directory of a computer

The CSCS eiger now uses a new scratch filesystem. To use this new filesystem, I can create a new aiida computer. The downsides of this are:

  • Set up the computer and related codes again.
  • Can not use the remote_folder because Remote copy between two different machines is not implemented yet. This is a critical issue in my case.

My question is: is there a method to simply update the work directory of the old eiger computer? Of course, I can move the old data folder to the new filesystem manually.

You can simply load a verdi shell and do the following:


Then it would probably be a good idea to move existing data to this path as well, just so you can copy from RemoteData still.

Thanks @sphuber . Yes, set_workdir works, and I can use the remote_folder now.

There is one problem, that is not critical in my case, which is that verdi calcjob gotocomputer does not work for the previous process. I check the cmd, and it read the REMOTE_WORKDIR_KEY,

        return self.base.attributes.get(self.REMOTE_WORKDIR_KEY, None)

which is hardcoded, and will not be updated with the computer’s workdir.

In [6]: n.base.attributes.all['remote_workdir']
Out[6]: '/scratch/e1000/xingwang/aiida/62/6a/985e-a6ed-45f4-bbeb-80cd99851143'

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Reopened this discussion, as I don’t think it’s really finished. ^^

I wasn’t aware we could change the workdir actually, so I’ve learned something new. Have added a comment to a closely related issue on the road map: