Using new workchain with submit

I created a new workchain and tried to submit it. I put the file with the workchain in the same folder as the launch script and imported it as I would normally do in python.
If I use the run command it works, but if I use submit it says it cannot import the module.
I understand from the documentation that I need to package my workchain as a plugin or put the file directly under aiida/workflows/user (but that’s old documentation it seems so some commands don’t work, in the new one it says I should put it in the python path but I’m either doing something wrong or it does not work either)
Is there no other way to keep all files in the current folder (since it is git versioned and I am currently developing, so using the plugin would be awkward)?

Workflow’s Guide For AiiDA — AiiDA 0.12.3 documentation
Usage — AiiDA 2.5.0 documentation

You can use the current folder without relying on entry points, but as you mentioned, it has to be importable by putting it in the Python path. Assuming the working directory is /some/path/plugin and the workflow is defined in /some/path/plugin/, you would add the following to your startup script, such as .bashrc.

export PYTHONPATH="${PYTHONPATH}:/some/path/plugin"

You should then be able to

import some_workflow

in a shell or script. Now make sure to restart the daemon with verdi daemon restart --reset and it should work