How to sealed a process that is finished but verdi status is running

Dear Community,

I am trying to share some results from a workchain, however there is a process that is appears to not be sealed.

Report: Validating Nodes
Critical: failed to write the archive file. Exception: All ProcessNodes must be sealed before they can be exported. Node(s) with PK(s): 77956 is/are not sealed.

However this node is finished, but checking in verdi process list, the node appears as RUNNING , however the process is finished, and not reachable.

What should I do in this case? (any ideas you can suggest?)
thank you!


If the node truely is finished, it is a bit weird that it is not sealed, and that would really be a bug. But it probably will be difficult to be able to reproduce it. You can try and seal it manually. Just open a verdi shell and run


Then try exporting again. Let me know if that works.

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you , it indeed fix my issue to archive the node !



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