Autoclosing topics

Hi @admins,

I noticed that the topics are being auto-closed after 4 hours when they are marked as solved. That seems way too aggressive to me. I’ve bumped this up to a couple of days. I don’t think it hurts and allows a bit of flexibility if it turns out there are any follow ups or the topic was not in fact solved. Let me know if you disagree though!

(I’ve only done this for the General usage category, probably needs to be applied to other categories as well).


Thanks for raising this issue @danielhollas, I fully agree. I would set it to at least three days, maybe even a week?

I’ve added a note for the next AiiDA meeting, just so we don’t forget.

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@danielhollas in the end we decided to just disable auto-closing for now. If at any point we see that people are adding posts to old topics in a problematic way we can always re-enable it.

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