Virtual box / quantum mobile 21.06.04 login problem

Dear Aiida user
my virtual box enters an infinite loop when logging into ubuntu.
After using the method of ctrl+alt+f2 to open the terminal, it will always jump back to the login place. I cannot type any command on it :frowning:
Some of my data are in it,so please help me to restore the software,thanks !!!


I think there might be two ways you can try, hope it will help.

  1. If you can still see the desktop, and only the terminal application is broken, you can try to use xterm, if I remember correctly it is provided in the 21.06.04 image.

  2. You can set the virtualbox as the server so you can ssh from your local host, please check this post: Easy way to SSH into VirtualBox machine | Any OS - DEV Community (if you uses windows, you may need putty to ssh to the virtual machine.)

Let me know if it works.


Hi Jason,thanks for the reply.
I tried the second way,but when i use the putty package,it always shows connecting error.BTW,i record a video for exactly whats going on in my virtual box.

Is it only the problem with terminal? I come across with the post maybe that is related? Would be great if you can provide your current Ubuntu version and system Python version.
But first thing first, I suggest you make a snapshot (backup the whole virtual machine image) of your image to avoid any further break during trying to fix it.

Hi! So now my problem is, when i use quantum mobile to login (Ubuntu 18.04.6), it become an infinite loop,so i try to call out the terminal to log in it , but the terminal will always back to log in place as the video shown.I think it is broken,yeah.
Now Im trying to use wsl to ssh into my quantum mobile,but when i type ssh -p 3022 max@
it says :ssh: connect to host port 3022: Connection refused
i am thinking that maybe the username is wrong or smth??idk cause “max” is the default username for ubuntu.
do you have any advice?or i shou;d try to fix the terminal in ubuntu

The ssh not working seems like the virtual machine didn’t have sshd services activated. To open it you need to login first anyway. It is now a bit tricky.
The login loop issue seems an issue of ubuntu system itself, see Logged out immediately after login, loop - Ask Ubuntu and Login loop with fresh 19.10 install - Ask Ubuntu

Can you try the solution mentioned there? It is more like a problem of ubuntu, you can also try to post questions in ubuntu community for more help.

For the sshd, I’ll try to make sure the services are open for the next quantum mobile release (probably it is already there for v23.04.3 v23.04.03 — 23.04.03). But for your issue, I guess it has to fix the tty login first.