Question on aiida-vibroscopy utils/

Hi @bastonero

In the utils/ while calculating prefactor: as you stated in comment and paper (for Stokes), I am seeing you missed to add 1 in the return statement. Can you please confirm it if current is right or you may need to do following: (unless adding 1 is insignificant).

return pre *( boson_factor(frequency, temperature)+1) * (laser - frequency)**4 / frequency

def raman_prefactor(frequency: float, frequency_laser: float, temperature: float, absolute: bool = True) -> float:
    r"""Return the Raman prefactor.

    :param frequency: frequency in cm^-1
    :param frequency_laser: frequency in nm (nanometer)
    :param temperature: temperature in Kelvin
    :param absolute: whether to use the conversion factor for theoretical Raman cross-section,
        which gives the intensities in (sterad^-1 cm^-2), default to True
    :return: the scalar :math:`(\\omega_L-\\omega)^4 [n(\\omega,T)+1] / \\omega`
    from aiida_vibroscopy.common.constants import DEFAULT

    pre = DEFAULT.raman_xsection if absolute else 1
    laser = nanometer_to_cm(frequency_laser)

    return pre * boson_factor(frequency, temperature) * (laser - frequency)**4 / frequency


Hi, as stated in the docstring of boson_factor, that returns (n+1).