Issue loading profiles

I am trying to run aiida using the Python API however I am unable to load profiles with aiida.load_profile().
When I try to do so, I simply get

ProfileConfigurationError: profile `ericread` does not exist

Running verdi status shows

✔ version:     AiiDA v2.5.0
✔ config:      /home/ericread/Aiida/.aiida
✔ profile:     ericread
✔ storage:     Storage for 'ericread' [open] @ postgresql://aiida_qs_ericread_05a2aa04cdead65e9a02adb7cb5a36ca:***@localhost:5432/ericread_ericread_05a2aa04cdead65e9a02adb7cb5a36ca / DiskObjectStoreRepository: 62b9f8b9fe794ae580428bcb3cdc025c | /home/ericread/Aiida/.aiida/repository/ericread/container
✔ daemon:      Daemon is running with PID 820691

When I run verdi profile list I get

Report: configuration folder: /home/ericread/Aiida/.aiida
* ericread

sidenote I am unable to delete profiles and get the error

aiida.common.exceptions.UnreachableStorage: Could not access disk-objectstore <disk_objectstore.container.Container object at 0x7f21e3946e90>: The container is not initialised yet - use .init_container() first

Hi Eric,

Can you more specific about what you mean by using the Python API? Do you use a jupyter notebook and run aiida.load_profile()? I notice you have AIIDA_PATH $HOME/Aiida/.aiida where the default will be $HOME/.aiida

You can try in your notebook (or in your script, then without %env):

%env AIIDA_PATH=/home/ericread/Aiida/.aiida

import aiida


I hope this will help.


That was the issue, I can’t believe I didn’t think about checking whether aiida was looking in the right place. Thank you