How to mock a out_going link to a `WorkChainNode`?

In one of my unit test, I need to add an out_going link to a WorkChainNode. I did a quick test in verdi shell:

In [1]: from aiida import orm

In [2]: node = orm.WorkChainNode()

In [3]: x = Int(1)

In [4]:
Out[4]: <Int: uuid: 6abf3d44-27a0-478d-859e-21b1827f401c (pk: 19760) value: 1>

In [5]: x.base.links.add_incoming(node, link_type=LinkType.RETURN, link_label='x')

In [6]: x.base.links.get_incoming().all()
Out[6]: [LinkTriple(node=<WorkChainNode: uuid: 8da44db3-81d0-45ce-ad9c-db19b81859f1 (unstored)>, link_type=<LinkType.RETURN: 'return'>, link_label='x')]

In [7]: node.base.links.get_outgoing().all()
Out[7]: []

The incoming link is added successfully to the x node, but the out_going link is still empty for the node. Does anyone know why?

Try to store the WorkChainNode. The links are not “flushed” until all both nodes of the link are stored.

Thanks for the quick reply! I stored the node, but the links are still empty.

You need to store the WorkChainNode before you call add_incoming.

In [1]: from aiida import orm
   ...: node = orm.WorkChainNode().store()
   ...: x = Int(1)
   ...: x.base.links.add_incoming(node, link_type=LinkType.RETURN, link_label='x')
   ...: print(x.base.links.get_incoming().all())
   ...: print(node.base.links.get_outgoing().all())
[LinkTriple(node=<WorkChainNode: uuid: 9445eb5e-12f1-444c-a572-527a027b9118 (pk: 155538)>, link_type=<LinkType.RETURN: 'return'>, link_label='x')]
[LinkTriple(node=<Int: uuid: d8361706-49d2-4222-a11d-f80e1ab1eaa3 (pk: 155539) value: 1>, link_type=<LinkType.RETURN: 'return'>, link_label='x')]

Hi @sphuber it works. Thanks!

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