Deprecation Warnings

Dear Community,

Is there a way how to suppress deprecation warnings for a time being? I am giving a small talk showing how we use AiiDA in QMC. I recently updated AiiDA version and a lot of deprecation warnings appeared. I want to show the audience some live examples and these warnings makes them less appealing.


The warnings that are emitted by AiiDA’s code itself can be suppressed by setting

verdi config set warnings.showdeprecations false
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Thank you, is this setting affecting current profile or it is my global user setting?

I guess it is a profile setting since aiida returned:

Success: 'warnings.showdeprecations' set to False for '...' profile

Indeed it applies to the default profile.
You can always specify a different profile

verdi -p some-profile config set ...

or apply globally

verdi config set warnings.showdeprecations false --global