Computer setup and configuration failure: unknown host

I would like to setup and configure a new remote computer (ssh-connection), but verdi computer test computer_host_name does not succeed. It seems that new computer host is not recognized.
Details: I am using tcsh on AlmaLinux 8
What can I do?

Thanks for reposting here @vdemestral! We looked at this together and paramiko was giving an error related to the host not being in the known_hosts file. Typically when I connect to a remote machine with ssh, the host is automatically added to the known_hosts file after I confirm that this is fine. Since this wasn’t happening, I tried to add the host to the known_hosts using ssh-keyscan as also detailed here:

But alas, that command returned nothing for the host @vdemestral was trying to connect to. Not sure why.

In the end I suggested to change the key policy of the ssh configuration of the computer to use AutoAddPolicy:

  --key-policy [RejectPolicy|WarningPolicy|AutoAddPolicy]
                                  SSH key policy if host is not known.

And that did the trick. If anyone has other suggestions feel free to add them here!

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