CalcJobs stuck in "Transport task update was cancelled"

I had to restart my workstation while lots of workchains were still running. After the workstation restart, many CalcJobs seem not to recover from the state “Transport task update was cancelled”.

I have already tried some few things:

  1. Stop and start the daemon
  2. Restart the daemon
  3. Play verdi devel rabbitmq tasks analyze --fix

All these things seem not to have any effect.

Any suggestion? I would love not to loose the data.

aiida-core: 2.3.0
python: 3.8.18
aiida-quantumespresso: 4.3.0
rabbit-mq: 3.7.28 (running in a Docker container)

Hmm, my first trial-and-error attempt would be to pause and play one of the CalcJobs? :slight_smile:

Thanks Marnik! Yes, I tried, and for one it worked, but then it didn’t when I tried for all of them (even just doing a loop; probably some problematic cases in the way?)