AiiDA v2.6 released

We just released the latest version of AiiDA. This minor release comes with a number of features that are focused on user friendliness of the CLI and the API.The changelog contains a list of all changes including a nice overview of some of the new features.

A lot of work has especially gone in making it easier to install AiiDA and try it out without having to install services like PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ. It is now possible to operate AiiDA without RabbitMQ, at the cost of losing daemon functionality. The new command verdi presto allows setting up a complete and ready-to-go profile with a single command without any configuration. The installation documentation has seen a complete overhaul.

The caching mechanism has received a number of improvements guaranteeing even greater savings of computational time. For existing calculations to be valid cache sources in the new version, their hash has to be regenerated (see Improvements and changes to caching for details).

Happy computing!

The AiiDA team