About the plugin-requests category

About the Plugin Requests Category

Welcome to the Plugin Requests category, where you can share your ideas and suggestions for new AiiDA plugins that you believe would be valuable to the community. This space is designed to foster collaboration and innovation, allowing users to propose plugins that can extend the capabilities of AiiDA and address specific research needs.

Guidelines for Making Plugin Requests:

  1. Clear Description: Provide a clear and concise description of the functionality you envision for the plugin. What problem does it solve? How does it align with AiiDA’s goals?
  2. Use Cases: Explain the use cases or research scenarios in which the plugin would be particularly useful. This helps developers understand the potential impact of the plugin.
  3. Technical Details: If possible, include any technical requirements, dependencies, or design considerations that developers should be aware of.
  4. Requester Information: Please provide your name and contact email so that developers can reach out for further discussion if needed.
  5. Priority and Importance: Indicate the estimated priority and importance of the plugin request. Is it a critical need, or would it be a nice-to-have addition?

Remember, the Plugin Requests category is a collaborative space where the AiiDA community can come together to shape the future of the platform. Feel free to engage with others’ requests, offer insights, and discuss potential approaches. Together, we can build a vibrant ecosystem of plugins that enhance AiiDA’s capabilities and impact.